Cerious news:

Finally an update! So much good news, so little time. We are actually starting to catch our breath from filling orders and traveling the country making happy customers even happier. Yes, we try to deliver and set up as many speaker systems as possible in person, even tweaking them to match rooms as part of the package. Imagine not having to worry if your system will actually make music when you buy it!

Some unexpected stories from the road. . .I was setting up a customer's new turntable when we would get feedback even at low levels. I knew the Cerious Ceramic Reference (CCR) subwoofers went low, but even I was surprised that we were feeding back at the TT resonance, between 6 and 9 Hz! He is now shopping for an isolation platform. Time to dish out the big bucks and get one of those $12,000 active jobs, just to be safe. Tough choice, a new isolation platform or one semester's books at NYU.

We have now shipped (most were shipped overseas) and delivered the first run of the CCR and are getting rave responses. Customers are discovering their music again in a new light, one of utter and complete transparency. The key word here is music, as there is nothing "HIFI" about the CCR. Now if we could just make them faster. . .

Cables: Reviews continue to come in with curious results. We have a 'strange' reference for development and testing. We use live microphone feeds as a source. If you want to hear what the actual live instrument sounds like for reference, you go into the room and listen, then walk to the room with the system and listen to it through the audio system. There is no cleaner or more accurate source than this. We have tested using 27 different preamps and 21 amplifiers each laid bare by the CCR and cables. We have tried to hear the 'rolled off high end' attributed to our cables in some reviews, but can only hear a lack of 'zing' that other cables add. We shall press on undaunted.

Look for more updates and changes coming soon, as it is time to get back to work and let the new processes developed in the last year take full flight. It will not take long to discover exactly what this means. New products are coming soon. . .


The Cerious Staff