Cerious news:

What is harder than starting a high-end audio company? Starting four high-end audio companies at once! The cable business has grown to be its own entity and will be "split off" from the loudspeakers to aid in dealer and distribution ease. Dealers and distributors have expressed interest in handling one element without the other and this will aid in supplying them with just the products they can properly support. This does happen to have occurred before they have heard the loudspeakers, though. . .

So, why four companies? We have our original production areas set up for cables and speakers which must keep moving ahead to supply product, and new "parallel" production areas that will come on line shortly after CES in January to supply wider distribution (especially loudspeakers). Key elements are CNC routing centers for cutting internal baffles and trim pieces and State of the Art finishing facilities, which will result in some of the finest finished products on the market today, regardless of price.

With these new capabilities, Cerious is finalizing production designs of its loudspeaker products and is in the process of moving the Cerious Ones into the post Ceramic Reference era. Frankly, the Toos/Bass sound better than the Ones in their current form. Such impact the research from the CCR had on production and design of our audio products. The "new" Ones will employ the proprietary Kevlar body wrap found in the CCR satellites and will keep the same aesthetic lines that the current One have. In other words they will be gorgeous, and will be a true bridge from the TOO/Bass to the CCR. All designs will be "locked down" by CES. Additionally, changes in manufacturing and fabrication will trim the total weight of the Ones by almost 50 pounds each, making shipping and delivery a easier to grasp task for dealers and distributors.

We look forward to greeting all at THE Show in Las Vegas in suite 2206.


The Cerious Staff