Cerious news:

An open letter to all clients, dealers and interested distributors.

So what do you do when you open your doors to incredible interest and business? After the initial enthusiasm, you take stock of the direction you are headed and make sure you are doing things in a way to ensure you will be around for many years to come.

The internet is an interesting place, one filled with all that is transient and quick. If you are to compete on the internet, you must live the “Product of the month Club” each and every month. We pride ourselves on our innovation, but coming out with a new cable every three months is not innovation – it is a lesson in packaging.

We believe that a company should last longer than a pair of socks purchased at Wal-Mart. Heck, there is one loudspeaker “company” that is on their third (fourth?) designation since we incorporated a little over 2 years ago. Apparently diamond doesn’t last as well as it used to. What will it be next week? Something different…

This is the exact point of this letter, to express gratitude to loyal customers who have held on to their Unity Audio systems and are now replacing them with Cerious systems. They did not replace them in the past because they found nothing better to replace them with. Now they replace them to get improvements, not just “something different…”

Cerious Technologies is making huge improvements in our infrastructure, communications, and resources to make honest and real improvements in the way we do business. Are we trying something “different”? No, we are making something better.

While we have gone through growing pains, at times even forsaking immediate sales and distribution, it is because we are mature adults who have done this before and realize there is still a right way to do business, one that will ensure we are not on our fourth name three years from now and that we will be around a long time to come. If that is important to you, then Cerious just may be your company.

Look for a bigger, better, and more communicative Cerious Technologies in 2008…and beyond.

Robert L. Grost