Cerious news:

The end of a year brings evaluation and resolutions. At Cerious Technologies we have fresh resolve to bring our products to a wider market as we are convinced of their performance and craftsmanship. To accomplish this requires the move from small hand made elements to large scale manufacturing techniques, while assuring no loss of quality. We are lucky that we have such a price/performance advantage and we can price our products at a place to cover the expanded costs and still be WAY under the competition. The Ceramic Reference will go to $27,500 for the set, effective January 14, 2007.

We have met customer after customer who have narrowed their search for loudspeakers down to the CCR and two others with each of the competition being $60,000 - $80,000 for the pair. We keep getting hit with the question “With what the CCR can do, what could you do with a speaker in the $60,000 range?” That specific question is now posted in our design office. We are trying to ignore it as much as possible, but we are an engineering company…

Those fans of Cerious may have noticed in the early days of our website, a link that was to lead to Furniture. While most assumed this was audio furniture, it was not. Our main expertise is new materials development and we are finally launching a new line of carbon fiber furniture that will be high tech squared. Featuring platforms only ¼” thick and floating in space on wires, these tables will be worthy of the starship Enterprise. An official launch is coming soon.

From all of us at Cerious, may you have a bright and prosperous New Year.

The Cerious Staff