Cerious news:

Many of you have noticed that it has been quite a while since our last (optimistic) update. While it would be good marketing to post frequent updates that do not really say anything (as our fantastic webmaster recommends) we have been involved in an intense structuring of production and design to address fundamental realities. These market realities have come into clear view to the world in recent months, but have been omnipresent to those in the Midwest of the United States, and specifically Michigan for some time.

Going to great lengths to avoid politics, let it be simply stated that it is virtually impossible to conduct business in the State of Michigan. The cost of labor dictates that production be supplier based which is fine until all of your suppliers start going out of business, or restructuring while shedding smaller clients to focus on the (former) Big 3 automakers.

Cerious Technologies is a unique company that makes unique products, none of which can be put together from off-the-shelf parts (how many companies can truthfully say this?). We rely on competent supply partners to enable us to provide our world class products at a feasible price point.

One element of being forward thinking is that realities such as the current economic slowdown were evident to us quite a while ago. For this reason Cerious Technologies functionally shut down production and set forth to alter its entire business model moving its supplier base to stable partners off shore. Fortunately a comprehensive business model was already in place outlining how to proceed and be successful.

While other companies now try to react to cut costs we are positioned to move forward with new levels of quality and cost competiveness. These are all changes that are for the positive and will reap benefits for the long term strength and viability of Cerious Technologies.

Since you are changing everything anyway…

The other element that was in place is a whole new generation of audio products. Since we were changing all of our suppliers, we might as well pull the trigger on the products we had on the drawing board (OK, so we do not have a drawing board, but exiting in CAD is so much less romantic sounding). All of these new products are based on common technologies developed for these new lines of products which include loudspeakers, audio equipment racks, and furniture.


The new line will employ the first reactive loudspeaker cabinets ever devised. The whole idea of a cabinet is to dissipate the rear wave from the driver. A rigid “dead” cabinet cannot do this. Our technologies developed for ballistic armor yielded cabinets that actually react to the internal wave and cancel it out. Constructed entirely out of ½” in diameter carbon fiber rods filled with proprietary reactive materials, the loudspeakers neither look nor sound like any speaker ever conceived. Ready for almost a year, the drivers that were to be available a year ago are now just reaching our production facility.

Audio Racks:

The most beautiful looking and sounding racks ever produced (IMHO). Suspended carbon rods filled with reactive materials hold your equipment in place while killing unwanted vibrations. Finally a rack that your wife will like!

Audio Rack


Not audio furniture, real furniture! To be marketed under the banner of The Carbon Earth, these ground breaking designs have already won the prestigious design award of the IDEA award by Wood Digest magazine for most significant new Green (Earth Friendly) product. Website is coming soon.

Carbon Earth TableCarbon Earth Closeup

Too Ambitious?

We would ask you to notice a common theme to these new products. They are all made of carbon fiber rods and other small pieces cut by CNC ready to assemble. All this was done for solid reasons with long term stability and cost competitiveness in mind.

Now that we have something to brag about, please keep checking for updates as they will again be coming with regularity making our webmaster (and hopefully all of you) very happy.

The Cerious Technologies Team