Cerious news:

The arrival of proprietary microfiber to the Cerious production facility clears the way for full scale production of audio cable to begin Monday, April 25th. Stock of this advanced microfiber composite material currently stands at 684,000 running feet. Minimum orders of custom fibers can be rather “annoying”. Better hurry and get your order in early before we run out! Matching RCA plugs have cleared the machining process and are ready for full production.

Cerious utilizes only medical grade Teflon tubing for its conductor bundles displaying a dedication to excellence in all elements of its products. Stocking a veritable “potpourri” of sizes and configurations, Cerious has on hand almost 10,000 feet of pure Teflon bliss to ensure we can satisfy any customer need for custom lengths or configuration.

Offices continue to move ahead. When completed the phone system will be up and running. We desire to be a high-end exclusive manufacturer of audio products, but no so lofty as to have an unlisted phone number. Please forward any questions to our email and they will be answered quickly and in full.

Judging by inquiries the word is beginning to spread across the World Wide Web. We are really close to running on all cylinders here and appreciate both the enthusiasm and patience of all those who have taken the time from their busy schedules to investigate our products. Your patience will be rewarded.


The Cerious Staff