Cerious news:

Cerious Technologies continues to move forward in its goal to officially launch on May 1st, 2005. All designs are frozen and production tooling is currently being produced. Cerious has procured its production facilities as of April 1st and is actively constructing full manufacturing and office spaces. Cerious will produce all cabinet and cable assemblies in house maintaining separate cabinet shop/clean room areas.

Cerious continues its commitment to long term stability, currently stocking over 2,000 pounds of Kevlar and carbon fiber alone, as well as 1,600 pounds of Aerospace structural adhesives. Custom tubing for Cerious Liquid Ceramic Composite cables has arrived at the production site offering increased stability of the liquid ceramic shield and the addition of red (right channel) and blue (left channel) tracers molded within the jacket. This will result in clear identification of each channel and a crisp look unique to Cerious products. Each Cerious cable product will be individually serial numbered, ensuring authenticity.

Immediately following its launch on May 1st, Cerious will actively seek worldwide distribution and a limited number of select dealers located within the United States. Cerious will maintain a commitment to the “new media” of marketing and distribution and will not actively seek reviews in commercial publications. Cerious will hold as its highest priority for representation integrity, and an enthusiasm to expand the base of the audiophile experience. We are dedicated to limited production hand produced loudspeakers and high value audio cabling products. Since leaving Unity Audio in 1996 and conducting market feasibility studies for Cerious, there has been a veritable “explosion” in the retail price structures for high end audio forcibly driving many from the market, especially when confronted with properly outfitting 7 channels rather than two. This explosion has occurred while the sourcing of production goods from China has proliferated, offering new found value to the market. Cerious is prepared to offer audiophiles an American produced product of greater quality and value through design and manufacturing innovation. Our goal is “inverse” sticker shock.

Cerious will be prepared to ship production samples of cable goods immediately upon the May 1st introduction date and will follow with production runs of loudspeaker products with a target shipping date of the first week of June.

Thank you for your interest in Cerious Technologies and please keep checking back at the web site for further updates.