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I am an HD video nut, specifically with regard to front projection systems. It is fascinating how the biggest improvements involve keeping the blacks as black as possible. Every time there is an improvement, it is not just the blacks that get deeper but the contrast of the colors against the deeper black background that makes it 'pop.' Funny how that works . . .

The same can be said for sound. The quieter the background from which sounds emanate the more purity and impact it has. This is the design philosophy behind the new React series from Cerious Technologies.

React 2

Constructed of 72 separate carbon fiber rods, each filled with its own mix of reactive ceramics, the React2's are a tour de force in energy control. The complex construction only begins with the utilization of the Exocore technology, as each cabinet is a sophisticated composite sandwich of materials designed with one goal in mind - to eliminate the internal wave of each driver thoroughly and completely.

Each of the carbon fiber rods acts as a shock absorber like a stabilizer on a bow (as in bow and arrow) dissipating vibration. The 15 square feet of surface area gives tremendous energy dissipation capabilities. In addition there are aluminum tubes which run throughout the cabinet that can be filled with sand or lead shot to further stabilize the enclosure.

Too often designs are flawed due to compromises. By the time these flaws are addressed the design no longer accomplishes its original goal. We see this best in crossovers where designers show with great pride their 'sophisticated' crossover designs that use 65 parts on a PC board the size of a football field. Since no crossover needs more than a few parts when there are no problems to address, this level of 'sophistication' tells you there were some serious problems with the design (the React2's crossover is 4 parts).

All Cerious Technologies products are based on the design premise that there is an eloquent engineering solution that is based on simplicity that needs no band aids or 'sophisticated' solutions. Simplicity is the pinnacle of sophistication.

Construction Highlights

Like the React1's, the React2's are based on a set of CNC cut spines onto which the carbon rods are glued forming the basic structure of the enclosure. Over the rods is a hand applied layer of composite that covers and seals the rods. Nicknamed 'Grape Jelly' because it looks and has the consistency of grape jelly, this coating permanently bonds each tube together across its entire length and seals against any air leaks. The 'Grape Jelly' is a proprietary mix of polymers, Kevlar, carbon fiber, and ceramics. Over this is cast two more layers of ceramics, which are not ballistics grade, and hence can be exported to other countries free of technology export laws and limitations. Each React2 stands 44" tall and weighs in at 80 pounds each (200 pounds each when filled with lead shot).

Standard Audio Stuff

The React2's are a three way design employing a downward firing 10" woofer with an aluminum/ceramic composite cone operating from 85 Hz down to 29 Hz, a 7" radical midwoofer with a composite fiber/ceramic cone (pictured) which covers the range of 85 Hz to 4,000 Hz, and a modified Illuminator tweeter.

React2's Midrange

The midwoofers are capable of over 1" of travel and the woofers almost 2" of travel allowing them to be uncompressed dynamically. The best word is effortless. Each React2 is 88 db 1W/1M and a 4 Ohm load (so they love current).

Enough Already - How Do They Sound?

Carbon Earth Detail

I realize that speakers are supposed to be the weak link, fraught with distortions and colorations on a scale far greater than the other elements of the HiFi experience, but our initial reaction to the React2's is one of a complete chameleon changing personality as you alter whatever is upstream from it. They are utterly transparent, displaying detail without ever sounding "analytical." In the past you were expected to choose between "musical" and "utter accuracy." Now you can have both. This is the single greatest breakthrough of the React series.

The standard finish for each React2 is high gloss carbon fiber. You may choose exotic wood dowels of Zebrawood (pictured), Bubinga (pinkish in color), or Cocobolo. The tops and bottoms are carbon skinned Lexan. Options include front baffles and tops of low gloss Ebony for those who prefer an organic feel of natural wood.

React1 Side View

Retail Price: $32,000 a pair (all finishes).

Next news: The news is we are not done with news. That's right. While we awaited word on an inability to export products that employed reactive ballistic ceramics that caused us to completely re-design the entire line over a two year period, we were busy boys and girls. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It didn't kill us and we are stronger. Hint for next news: Nano Signature Cables
Bob Grost

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