Cerious news:

We are officially up and running. We have everything but phones. Due to the set up of our production facilities we will be 'cell' oriented. Our first provider offered great packages, but no cell that actually reached our production facilities! Try number two hits Monday.

The first full production run of cables is nearing completion, offering feedback on production efficiency and will ultimately yield an accurate and verifiable pure cost of manufacture. We are dedicated to holding the tremendous values of performance versus price found in our composite cables, however, the additional difficulty in producing long runs of interconnect is forcing an alteration of our additional per foot charge. All cable ordered previously will be shipped with original prices honored. We believe that the modest change will still result in our cable being the 'steal' of the industry.

Loudspeaker production has begun on a run of TOO/Bass combinations. Subwoofer amps are arriving now with regularity, much to the chagrin of our 95-pound UPS driver, who has definitely written us out of her will. Our supplier accidentally individually boxed each amp resulting in Cerious getting waves of 30 heavy boxes at a time taking up half of the truck. They have mysteriously, stopped asking what 'Brown can do for you?'

We continue to 'tweak' the production environment and expect that it will be an ongoing evolution. Past experience with Unity Audio has proven of great value, as none of this is new to us. In fact, it is kind of like coming home again. Now is that a good thing or a bad thing? Something for us to ponder while winding microfiber, perhaps.


The Cerious Staff