Cerious news:
So much news, so little time. The cable production run slated for shipment on the 17th is running about one week late. We have contacted each customer to convey this updated schedule. With this production run we will be shipping our first power cables and dedicated digital cables, soon to hit the website in our updated lit.

Speaking of updated literature, Kim Kauffman has started to weave her magic with the camera lens, scanner and Photoshop to produce spectacular images of final production versions of the cables. Over the next couple of weeks we are “exploding” the website to bring it to new levels. New features will be photos of fearless leader Robert “The Wiz” Grost, bios, and company information. Kim has warned that there is only so much that can be accomplished in Photoshop.

The dealers have finally won. We give up. Eye candy it is. We refused to spend the bucks for some fancy overpriced box that you would stick in the closet and never see until you listed your cables on Audiogon. There is no value if you actually decide to keep your cables! We had to come up with cool packing that you could actually use, after all there is only so much you can do with a film can lid (Frisbee – that’s about it).

We are proud to announce that Cerious cables will come factory packed in custom Cerious Technologies laptop cases and soft briefcases. Matching Greg Norman Polo shirts are not far behind along with other Cerious gear. The perfect way to really anger your spouse, boss and co-workers. They will be available separately for very little change.

Look for ads to hit Audiogon soon proclaiming that we are, indeed, a loudspeaker company first. We have been snowed under in support of the cables, but will be able to really cook on the speakers by early July. Keep the faith. If you have experienced the cables just keep in mind that they were developed as a side project because the speakers were so transparent we could not hear past traditional cables. It does take longer to “tweak” a new production facility to construct state of the art composite structure enclosures than audio cables, though. We continue to make progress and nothing will be let out until it is perfect, and we are very close. We have several reviewers waiting too.

Remember, great sound is the ultimate revenge…


The Cerious Staff