Cerious news:

You like us! You really like us! Glowing reviews continue to come in on the Composite Conductor audio cables. Our production run for the first of the month was a complete sell out and we are taking orders for end of the month shipping.

Production pains continue to be resolved with the latest yielding a double-edged sword with regard to balanced interconnects. The terminations are so difficult to perform that changes had to be made to suit a production environment. To this end we are proud to announce a partnership between Cerious Technologies and Xhadow to create a custom XLR connector for our use. It is incredible both in terms of production and sonics. It is another world in each regard. Here in lies the problem. We worked hard to come up with a win-win situation and believe we have succeeded. The new custom connectors will be available in 6-8 weeks and we realize customers do not want to wait this long. In the mean time all balanced XLR orders on the books will be filled with standard Xhadow XLRs at no additional cost! They will be sonically identical to the custom version, but will not have the CT logo printed on them. When the new connectors arrive, 1 meter balanced cables will go up $175 a pair in retail cost. Between now and the arrival of the custom connectors, all orders for balanced cables will be filled and honored with Xhadow connectors at the current cost. If you want to wait and get the whole nine yards, then we welcome standing orders in advance. Thanks again to Stuart Marcus at Xhadow for his support and great products.

Kim Kauffman, an award winning artist and photographer, has been commissioned to create ads and original works of art using our products in startling new ways. This will result in a complete overhaul of our website. We will soon be running ads across the web and look for Cerious to up its profile very soon. Her work is very cutting edge and we have found her artistic perspective to compliment our design and aesthetic ideals.

We have gotten our cables into the hands of others within the industry and they are completely blown away. Keep watching the news for more specifics. We have to keep in mind that the cables were developed as an aid in our loudspeaker development, which is the real focus of our expertise. We are nearing the finish of our first run of Too/Bass combos and will be getting them into the hands of reviewers. The next month will frenetic. Keep checking back. It only gets better from here.


The (Very Enthusiastic) Cerious Staff