Cerious news:

Cerious Technologies is all set to show at “T.H.E. Show” in Las Vegas January 5-8, 2006. We will be in room 2206 showing our cable products and will actually have loudspeakers for all to see, feel, and hear. We are putting great effort into the show, both to afford all an excellent opportunity to hear the products in a well-tuned environment and to display our commitment to excellent dealer and distributor support. Kim Kauffman will create original works of art especially for the show. We have other surprises up our sleeves, so it is our sincere hope you come and visit. If you have never seen a room with Kevlar on the walls to match our loudspeakers it will be worth the trip!

Speaking of cable products we are now shipping power cords and digital cables. The digital cables (especially the RCA) are revelatory. We are getting great feedback as customers replace their current power cords with matching Cerious PCs. Lower noise and greater neutrality. The digital cables are getting one reaction “Wow”. A 5-foot PC retails for $495 and the digital cable retails for $495 per 1 Meter cable. The price list is currently being updated to reflect the new products. In case you have not noticed, we are holding the line on balanced cable prices for a while longer. It’s our way of saying “Thanks”.

Speaking of updates, we are getting close to the full overhaul for the “Art” site. We are flying in our Webmaster to work directly with Kim to fine-tune the new website and accelerate its launch. It has been a lot of work, sweat, and expense but well worth it. Revised product lit will be up for all products, including the PC and Digital cables.

Rumor has it that some review is in the works @ 6moons. It may be a case of “Be careful what you ask for, because it may come true”. We are dedicated to accelerating and expanding production to keep up with demand, but can only grow so fast and maintain quality control. We thank all of our customers for the support and patience you have shown. But come on and admit it – it was worth the wait, wasn’t it?


The Cerious Staff