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I am an HD video nut, specifically with regard to front projection systems. It is fascinating how the biggest improvements involve keeping the blacks as black as possible. Every time there is an improvement, it is not just the blacks that get deeper but the contrast of the colors against the deeper black background that makes it 'pop.' Funny how that works . . .

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Each designer has their own outlook and philosophy. My personal goal is to create designs that are forward thinking and stand the test of time. This can be seen in my prior work at Unity Audio which in its day produced over 5000 sets of loudspeakers (virtually all of which are still in service) and rarely come up on the used market. Often after selling them the prior owner contacts me and asks if I know how to get another set, as they miss the sound. I take great pride in the enduring qualities of each product I design.

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Many of you have noticed that it has been quite a while since our last (optimistic) update. While it would be good marketing to post frequent updates that do not really say anything (as our fantastic webmaster recommends) we have been involved in an intense structuring of production and design to address fundamental realities. These market realities have come into clear view to the world in recent months, but have been omnipresent to those in the Midwest of the United States, and specifically Michigan for some time.

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An open letter to all clients, dealers and interested distributors.

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The end of a year brings evaluation and resolutions. At Cerious Technologies we have fresh resolve to bring our products to a wider market as we are convinced of their performance and craftsmanship. To accomplish this requires the move from small hand made elements to large scale manufacturing techniques, while assuring no loss of quality.


Finally an update! So much good news, so little time. We are actually starting to catch our breath from filling orders and traveling the country making happy customers even happier. Yes, we try to deliver and set up as many speaker systems as possible in person, even tweaking them to match rooms as part of the package. Imagine not having to worry if your system will actually make music when you buy it!


What is harder than starting a high-end audio company? Starting four high-end audio companies at once! The cable business has grown to be its own entity and will be 'split off' from the loudspeakers to aid in dealer and distribution ease. Dealers and distributors have expressed interest in handling one element without the other and this will aid in supplying them with just the products they can properly support. This does happen to have occurred before they have heard the loudspeakers, though. . .


Cerious Technologies is all set to show at 'T.H.E. Show' in Las Vegas January 5-8, 2006. We will be in room 2206 showing our cable products and will actually have loudspeakers for all to see, feel, and hear. We are putting great effort into the show, both to afford all an excellent opportunity to hear the products in a well-tuned environment and to display our commitment to excellent dealer and distributor support.


So much news, so little time. The cable production run slated for shipment on the 17th is running about one week late. We have contacted each customer to convey this updated schedule. With this production run we will be shipping our first power cables and dedicated digital cables, soon to hit the website in our updated lit.


You like us! You really like us! Glowing reviews continue to come in on the Composite Conductor audio cables. Our production run for the first of the month was a complete sell out and we are taking orders for end of the month shipping.
And we thought you didn’t love us! We thought we weren’t getting any response from our Contact link on our Web site but we were wrong. It turns out that the mailbox was full of enquires from you but the automatic forwarding was not configured properly. Today we retrieved mail from as far back as October of last year.


We are “officially” up and running. We have everything but phones. Due to the set up of our production facilities we will be “cell” oriented. Our first provider offered great packages, but no cell that actually reached our production facilities! Try number two hits Monday. 4/23/2005
The arrival of proprietary microfiber to the Cerious production facility clears the way for full scale production of audio cable to begin Monday, April 25th. Stock of this advanced microfiber composite material currently stands at 684,000 running feet. Minimum orders of custom fibers can be rather “annoying”. Better hurry and get your order in early before we run out! Matching RCA plugs have cleared the machining process and are ready for full production.


Cerious Technologies continues to move forward in its goal to officially launch on May 1st, 2005. All designs are frozen and production tooling is currently being produced. Cerious has procured its production facilities as of April 1st and is actively constructing full manufacturing and office spaces. Cerious will produce all cabinet and cable assemblies in house maintaining separate cabinet shop/clean room areas.