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Unity Audio was founded as a publicly held corporation in October, 1985 comprised of twenty five investors and the principles, Robert and Kathy Grost. Unity was founded under the mission of designing and producing world class loudspeaker systems. The name "Unity" came from a reference to a unity gain circuit, a circuit that (ideally) puts out exactly what is fed into it. The design goal was to produce loudspeakers that were as sonically transparent as possible.

Robert Grost had a diverse background in acoustics and recording theory, developing and teaching the acoustic theory and recording program at Lansing Community College starting at age 19. At the time of the founding of Unity, Mr. Grost held the position of Senior Project Engineer for Advanced Acoustic Programs, General Motors Corporation. In this capacity, Mr. Grost directed acoustic research programs for GM. He is the youngest person ever to occupy such a position. Other activities at General Motors included Senior Acoustics and Body Structures Engineer for Corvette where Mr. Grost oversaw the body structure and acoustics (not the entertainment electronics) of the "new" Corvette released in 1984. It is in this capacity that Mr. Grost began his fascination with advanced composites and material sciences.

Unity Audio was responsible for many engineering "firsts" in the audio industry. These included the world's first fully balanced passive crossover, the first derivative crossover which operated outside the signal path, Inverse Force Vector bass loading, the world's first composite ceramic cone, the first fluid damped enclosure, the first actively fluid damped enclosure, the first enclosure constructed of Fountainhead (Corian) and in 1996, the introduction of the first fully PC integrated loudspeaker (see reprint).

Unity ceased manufacturing production in 1996 operating as an intellectual properties firm based on PC interfacing and design. Displaying the close relationship Mr. Grost held for his employees, Unity remained in operation until every employee had achieved an equivalent position at another firm. Why? Because it was the right thing to do.

Unity won numerous design and engineering awards, including a Product of the Year Award from The Absolute Sound magazine, a "System of Choice" award from Video magazine, and a runner up for loudspeaker of the year at Stereophile. Unity always strived to provide its customers with value, and stressed customer service and care.

At its height, Unity Audio was distributed in 16 countries and had 70 dealers worldwide producing six different models entirely in house. The top of the line PARM system was considered by many as the State of the Art of its time. It is an achievement that the Cerious Technologies Too/Bass combination seriously outperforms the PARM system and is 1/3 the price in real dollars. All those involved with Unity wish to thank its loyal customers and fans and vow that the same integrity that drove Unity will drive Cerious Technologies.

Robert L. Grost
     President and Director of Engineering