About Us
Cerious Technologies draws its name from a family of ceramics. The brainchild of its founder Robert Grost, Cerious Technologies brings together elements of the diverse background of Mr. Grost into one focus – building the best audio products in the world with the highest value per dollar possible. Mr. Grost, formerly of Unity Audio, has worked as a structures engineer for Corvette motor cars, taught acoustic theory at the university level, designed ceramic ballistic armor, designed the first fully computer interfaced surround sound system (1996), served as Senior Project Manager for New Technology (IT) GM World Headquarters, and happened to design award winning loudspeakers under the Unity audio name.
Liquid Ceramic Digital Cable
Immersed in new materials research, specifically synthetic ceramics, Mr. Grost started a project with his son, who wanted to build a set of speakers for his personal use. It became a great way to share time and knowledge with his son, who is rapidly becoming the Sorcerer’s apprentice. Unable to do anything half way (much to his wife’s chagrin) a design of fluid filled stainless steel tubes monoque was designed with a cast ballistic ceramic layer and final skin of carbon fiber was devised (if you are going to teach the kid then teach him all way…). Hence the Cerious One was born.

Cerious Technologies was born the day these speakers were hooked up. They so surpassed anything ever produced at Unity that they simply defied what anyone who heard them believed was possible from a loudspeaker. Anyone with experience in high end audio can tell listening to a product if there is more “there” than they are hearing. Such was the case with the first set. This spawned the development of the microfiber based audio cables, as the speakers were capable of such detail, you could hear traditional wire technologies and their limitations. We were again not prepared for what we set out to produce and have been rewarded with tremendous reviews and customer response.

Here it must be stressed that Cerious Technologies is not a “hobby” company, but is destined to become a serious long term player in the industry. The experience of Unity Audio, which won a product of the year award from The Absolute Sound magazine, was distributed in 16 countries and had 100 dealers worldwide, will prove to provide the background needed to move the company forward and keep it sustained for many years to come. We are professionals.

We have been caught a little off guard by the response and have been forced to move quickly to expanded production capabilities. We can assure you that this is being addressed, as is greater communication capabilities. Cerious currently maintains two production facilities – loudspeakers and cables – and is actively expanding both. We are, after all Cerious about what we do…